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Who Picks Up Your Garbage? Do They Have a Permit? | Shopping & Services

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Who Picks Up Your Garbage? Do They Have a Permit?
Who Picks Up Your Garbage? Do They Have a Permit?

The updated list of “Permitted Solid Waste Collectors” in Loudoun County is now available on the Loudoun County website at www.loudoun.gov/collectors.

Chapter 1084: Solid Waste Collection and Transportation” of Loudoun County’s codified ordinances outlines the requirements for businesses that provide solid waste collection and recycling collection in Loudoun County and establishes performance standards. Any company that provides garbage collection service or recycling service in Loudoun County is required to obtain an annual Solid Waste Collection and Transportation Permit.

The list of Permitted Solid Waste Collectors is updated after March 31 every year and is available on the county’s website at www.loudoun.gov/collectors.  Check this list and confirm your solid waste collector is on the list. If they are not on the list, please call the Compliance Specialist at the Department of Construction and Waste Management at 703-737-8769 or by e-mail at kate.glass@loudoun.gov with more information. You can also use this list to identify a permitted collector that might provide special services such as junk removal.

More information about the codified requirements to operate a garbage and/or recycling collection business in Loudoun County is available at www.loudoun.gov/collectors.