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Area Residents Lose Money In Advance Fee Scam

LEESBURG, Va., (WUSA) -- Law enforcement in Leesburg is warning residents not to cash the check.

The community has been recently hit with a rash of secret shopper scams.

Crooks mail out fake checks.  You deposit it into your account.   But days later, the bank notifies you that the check is no good.  And, you're on the hook to replace the cash.

This advance-fee fraud usually starts when a person responds to an advertisement to work as a secret shopper. 

Advertisements for this type of work can be found websites such as Craig's List, monster.com as well as in local newspapers. 

It usually works like this, after responding to ad, the person is mailed  via FedEx or UPS a check that they are asked to cash.   Once the check is cashed, they're directed to use a local Western Union or Money Gram location to forward the majority of the money to a third party at a U.S. location.

Advance-Fee Fraud in Leesburg

From the Leesburg Police Department:

In recent weeks there has been an increase in fraud scams in the Leesburg community.  One particular scam is known as advance-fee fraud.

While most scams begin with a spam email request for assistance in unlocking frozen assets, this fraud usually begins when a citizen responds to an advertisement to work as a ‘secret shopper’. Ads for this type of work can be found on-line on sites such as craigslist.org as well as in local newspapers. On a few occasions citizens have been contacted pursuant to placing their information on job finder websites such as monster.com.  

Chinese Delegation Tours Leesburg’s Utilities Department Facilities

From the Town of Leesburg, VA (September 27, 2010) – On Wednesday, September 22, 2010, a delegation of twelve officials from Chengdu in the Sichuan Province of China visited the Leesburg Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) and the Utility Lines Maintenance Division.  The officials were directors and engineers from various municipal, county and district water authorities in the Chengdu region.

Featured Vineyard - La Grange

October is Wine Month in Virginia. This week, I will be featuring a different Loudoun Vineyard each day (some may be good, some not so good...in my humble opinion). Living in Loudoun County, you will find some phenomenal vineyards! Being an avid wine drinker (but not a wine connoisseur by any means), I have found a few to be my favorite escapes with the total package of great wine, great views, great company and great hospitality. But with all of them, they all have a distinct taste of wine and personality that might suit one and not the other.

Today's feature is going to be one of my favorite vineyards, La Grange

Capital One credit card charge-offs increase

Local credit giant Capital One (based in McLean, VA) has stated that its rate of uncollectible credit card balances increased in the third quarter. Initially, it seemed that consumers were showing progress in paying credit card bills, but with the rate of unemployment continuing to climb, consumers are concentrating on major bill payments such as mortgage and automobile payments.

Charge offs for Capital One have increased from $366.8 million to 368 million continuing to show that consumers are still under stress and enduring financial hardships. It has been noted that while consumers are attempting to make payments on their credit card debt, they are still delinquent in their payments.

It has been found that consumers are using credit cards for basic needs such as groceries, gas and prescription drug purchases. In addition, most consumers are carrying at least $10,000 in credit card debt and have at least 5 credit cards.

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Cobb Theatres in Village at Leesburg Scheduled for Monday, September 27

Alabama-based entertainment company anticipates Summer 2011 opening

Runner's Galore!

Being that it is now Fall, it's time for many communities and organizations holding Runs. There are quite a few going on in the next few months around the area and here are some links to them.

Get out there, get involved, get healthy and run for some fantastic causes!