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6th Annual Autumn Apple Festival

It's almost apple picking time again! Come out for the 6th Annual Autumn Apple Festival at Loudoun Heritage Farm Museum in Sterling, VA on Saturday, October 23. You can visit the exhibit "Viriginia Apples for Flavor: The Story of Hill High Orchards" and see historic orchard tools at work! Loudoun Heritage Farm Museum is located at 21668 Heritage Farm Lane.

For just $3-5 a person you can learn how to make cider and apple butter and meet local farmers and learn how to buy fresh and shop local for your family!

Local Tennis Moms Will Compete at USTA National Championship

Some Northern Virginia tennis players will soon travel to California to compete in the United States Tennis Association League's 2.5 National Adult Championship. The event will take place Oct. 1-3 at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage.

The members of the nine-woman team—which was self-dubbed, "One Hit Wonders"—are clearly anything but. They attended USTA Virginia's District Championship in mid-July and qualified for the Mid-Atlantic Sectional Championship by wild card. There, they went undefeated and picked up their invitation to USTA's National Championship. The team represents Ida Lee Tennis Center and the Town of Leesburg and comprises: captain Ellen Wyly, and players Cristina Sequino, Eve Weber, Jen Culko, Jen Kaine, Jennifer Pearson, Kathy Horne, Nicole Sicre, and Susan Gorman. Moses Gittens and Korey Suk coach the team of superstar-do-it-all-moms.

Drought Watch: Dramatic Effects on Agriculture and River Levels

Leesburg, Va. (WUSA) The drought watch issued for the Washington metro region is best illustrated by conditions on area farms and by a visit to the Potomac River upstream from Washington.

On John Whitmore's farm north of Leesburg, an entire crop of sweet corn is a total loss. "Its not just dramatic to look at, its a significant financial hit," Whitmore said, noting his planting costs were about $10,000.

Corn that would normally tower high above Whitmore's head is now withered and only knee high.

Whitmore's continues to operate his popular Farmer John's Fruit and Vegetable Market on Rt. 15 selling vegetables from fields that are irrigated. Unfortunately, his corn is not on a water system.

The governors of Virginia and Maryland have both begun the process of seeking federal disaster assistance for crop losses.

Cox's Farm Opening Weekend

Need something fun to do outside this weekend? Cox's Farm has it all to get you excited for Fall. Their Opening Weekend is this weekend, the 18-19th. From the zoo animals to numerous slides and hay rides and mazes, it's the place to be when the weather is great.

Cox's Farm gets extremely busy very early, so if you want to avoid waiting in line for rides or feeling like you're at a high time amusment park on a Saturday, then get there well before the place opens. There are two rides that are by far the best ones there. One is on the far left back corner of the farm. It's their biggest slide and gets the most attraction. The next one is when you walk in it'll be to the left. You have to go through a "barn" to get to the top. It's a short slide, but it's got a sidewinder feel to it.

Downtown Leesburg to Host its 1st Girls' Night Out

Beginning September 16th, and every Third Thursday thereafter, merchants in Historic Downtown Leesburg will host Girls' Night Out.

New Green Initiative: Rubber Mulch in Leesburg

Leesburg, VA is trying out a new “green” approach to median maintenance. Leesburg’s Urban Forester and Public Works Department teamed up to bring 20,000 pounds of rubber mulch, made out of shredded used tires, to the Town of Leesburg. The mulch has been installed in the median of the West Market Street exit ramp off of Route 7.

So how is this initiative green? The 20,000 pounds of rubber took more than 1,300 tires out of waste. The rubber mulch will not need to be replenished like wood mulch, therefore cost effective over time, despite costing three times as much initially. The mulch is expected to do a better job of suppressing weeds and will not float away during heavy rain storms like wood mulch does. If the project goes well, rubber mulch may appear in several medians.

Plan To Privatize Liquor Stores Revealed

FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA) -- Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has released details of his plan to privatize the liquor industry.
He says the state can raise $500 million by selling the 332 ABC stores Virginia owns.

Then he says the state can pull in $230 million annually by auctioning off 1,000 liquor licenses, the bulk of which will go to grocery and discount stores. Small stores and pharmacies will get the rest. He wants the money raised to go to local highway congestion relief projects.

"I like the idea of privatizing. And if it really does bring back money to the community, then I think it's a good idea," said Ginger Henney of Fairfax.

The plan reserves 600 licenses for large outlets such as grocery and discount stores. It reserves 250 for small mom-and-pop shops and another 150 for small-scale sales in pharmacies.