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Are You An Anonymous Gifter? | Community Spirit

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Are You An Anonymous Gifter?

What if you could give just $25 and know that it would make a considerable difference to someone right here in our area?

Well, you can do just that on October 28 at I Am Modern Magazine's first-ever MAG Party.

What is a MAG Party? A Modern Anonymous Giving Party is a philanthropic social gathering where people come together to socialize and donate funds to a community member who needs assistance.

Three community ambassadors are each charged with finding a community member in need prior to the MAG Party. At the Party, the ambassadors will present the scenarios of the three needing nominees. Each MAG guest will vote anonymously for one nominee, and the nominee with the most votes will receive the collected funds on the following day.

The MAG Party concept is very simple, yet surprisingly unique. Participants will no doubt feel good about the selflessness and anonymity of their gifts. After all, there's something very fulfilling about giving with no anticipation of return. And as the MAG Party grows in size, so will the sum of our $25 donations. So grab a friend---or three---and join us for this fun-with-a-purpose-night-out!

When & Where:
Thursday, Oct. 28, 7-10 p.m.
Bonefish Grill
43135 Broadlands Center Plaza, Ashburn

Party Rules (just two!):
Bring your $25 donation to the MAG Party; and
Help to preserve the anonymity of our collective gift by not revealing details regarding the gift amount or the recipient.

Finally, do you know someone who will truly benefit from the MAG guests' collective and anonymous kindness? I am one of three community ambassadors for this first MAG Party, and I'll appreciate community assistance in finding someone we can help. I can be reached via email or cell at: leigh@NiceShoesNoDrama.com or 305.772.4082.