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Friday's Business Feature: Little Gorilla Design | Style

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Friday's Business Feature: Little Gorilla Design

Shoes and jewelry are usually the first things we think of when you want to accessorize an outfit. But how about taking a step out of that norm and jazz up your wardrobe with a collection of very unique belts. Little Gorilla Design specializes in stylish belt buckles you won’t find elsewhere. These buckles are inspired by scrapbook paper and transformed into a beautiful work of art adorned with Swarvoski Crystals.

Let’s get to know a little bit about Little Gorilla Design and owner, Cindy Perkins:

What got you into making buckles?
I saw people making them at boutique shows and thought I could do it and put my own spin on it. When I started, I would go to the scrapbook paper aisle at the art store and use that as my backgrounds. I have degree from the Corcoran School of Art in Graphic Design, so I started to design my own papers. About 90% of the designs that I carry are original designs that I created. For the added touch I add swarovsky crystals to add that extra bling.

Who are buying these and why?
I have found the buckles to be a "wearable art" I have sold buckles to women of all ages and sizes. The great thing about the buckles is that it is like wearing a piece of jewelry. I have women who swear that they cannot wear a belt and buckle because they don’t want to draw attention to that part of the body but I beg them to humor me and once they have a belt and buckle on the are shocked at how good they look. The buckles give them the ability to give up the image that they have of themselves.  

What buckle can we see you wearing around?
I will wear the funkiest, most colorful ones. I like to make a statement with them. I usually wear jeans and a solid color top of sorts and whether I wear the belt through my loops or around my hips to blouse up my shirt they always stand out. You really need no other jewelry when you wear one.

What should we expect to see from LGD?
New design collections are out and are constantly being made. My men’s line will be rolling out in January which I’m extremely excited about. We get a lot of men requesting buckles. Theirs will have different shapes to them. We have also started designing beautiful pendant necklaces and are planning on launching a bracelet line too.

What 3 people would you want wearing your buckles?
Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Cameron Diaz and Hallie Barrie. They all would look amazing in them. They have that casual sophistication.

How’s balancing a career with family?
Balancing work and family is sometimes tough and can be a juggling act. I am very fortunate that I am able to stay home with my kids. I have a studio in my basement that I work out of. During show season my family really steps in. My parents help out with the kids while I travel. When the kids are home they love being downstairs with me and "helping" out. They cut paper with me and like to glue. Being a working mom is really important to me. It allows me to keep a piece of me which allows me to be a better mom. I also love that I can share my work with my kids. It has shown them creativity can be endless.

Do you have a kids buckle line?
I will have children's buckles very soon. They are a work in progress. 

Do you have any upcoming shows or events? 
I start my show season next week. It gets pretty busy in the Fall. Show dates are:
9/25-9/27 Charlotte Gift Show
10/2-10/3 Potomac House Tour in Potomac MD
10/10 Clifton Days in Clifton VA
10/23-10/26 Chicago StyleMax
11/6-11/7 Merry Mart in Fredericksburg
11/14-11/16 Washington Hebrew Boutique
12/1-12/5 Bizarre Bazaar in Richmond
Chicks Picks in Sterling 10/14-10/16, 11/11-11/13, 12/9-12/11

There is always excitement in finding new great fashion finds, and especially when it comes from a local working mom. Check out more of Cindy’s designs at Little Gorilla Design. I’m sure you’ll find one (or two!) you’ll have to have. I’ve alright got my eye out for an order on 4276 and a great one for fall to pair up with jeans or a dress and knee high boots, design 260!