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Baller Moms: Moms on a Mission - The World is Not Ready | Community Spirit

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Baller Moms: Moms on a Mission - The World is Not Ready
Baller Moms:  Moms on a Mission - The World is Not Ready

There is something amazing going on in Prince George’s County, MD.  It’s spearheaded by 3 Moms – Baller Moms. 

Baller Moms is an organization comprised of mothers devoted to the athletic and educational development of their children.  These ladies are amazing.  I managed to get the three founders on the same call and it was a pleasure; Erika Freeman, Erin Williams and Tamara “Tammy B”  Barbarin. 

VRM:  Hello ladies.  So excited to hear from you all today.  Thanks for calling in.

Let’s start by having you tell us about the concept and original vision behind Baller Moms?

Baller Moms:  We started at the Oxon Hill Boys & Girls Club and were very active there with our children.  We wanted to start basketball leagues for children at the club.  Simply, we saw a need and created a plan to fill the gaps.

VRM:  So, you’ve been together for 3 years now.  What’s the difference between where you were in year 1 vs now in year 3?

Baller Moms:  As a non-profit, our motto is #SupportTheSport.  Our vision is to create opportunities of memorable moments for mothers and children through sports.  We support all sports – basketball, football, lacrosse, soccer and others. 

VRM:  As a non-profit, how do you finance the various programs and the wonderful facility, Ball Unlimited House of Production?

Baller Moms:  We sell Baller Moms apparel to #SupportTheSport.  Proceeds from the apparel sales as well as proceeds from community social events allow us to give back.

VRM:  Going back to the vision, what else has happened?

Baller Moms:  Everything on the original vision flowchart has been implemented; social events, amazing webisodes on Baller Moms TV and even a thriving after-school program, Blackboards and Backboards.

VRM:  This is the million dollar question.  How do you balance family and business?

Baller Moms:  We are always with our families.  We involve our children in all aspects of Baller Moms – after all, this is their legacy.  When we feel stressed, we go on date nights with our husbands or meditate.  Bottom line.  We just do it! 

VRM:  This is for the three of you.  If you were trapped on a dessert island, what three items would we find in your suitcase that just washed ashore?

Erika:  Cell phone.  But, I’d probably be crying because there’s no signal on the island!  A notebook to write a letter to put into a bottle and a pencil to write the letter with.

Tammy B:  A mirror to check the state of my hair.  A microphone to record myself singing or to record an audio version of Baller Moms TV.  Finally, a picture of my family. 

Erin:  Something to make a fire with.  A book to read while we’re waiting to be rescued and electronics that we hopefully charged before the plan crashed.

VRM:  Last question ladies.  If you could talk to your 17 year old selves.  What advice would you give her?

Erika:  Owning and running a business is a lot of work.  It’s not pretty or glamorous.  Stay true to yourself, listen and realize that actions do not require reactions all the time.

Tammy B:  Protect your idea.  Trademark as soon as possible.  Partner with someone.  Don’t work alone.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.  Try it.  Believe in it.  It will probably work.  Have faith.

Erin:  Don’t let fear deter your dreams.  Dream big.  Work hard.  Most of all, be ready for success.  Remember those that believed in you, pray and continue to love.

The Baller Moms organization is destined for greatness.  



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