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Washington Humane Society Urges Public to Protect Pets from Extreme Heat | Pets

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Washington Humane Society Urges Public to Protect Pets from Extreme Heat


This story comes to us from Jacquie Toppings:

Washington D.C. – The Washington, D.C. area is under a heat advisory, and the Washington Humane Society (WHS) is reminding pet companions to pay special attention to their animals during extreme high temperatures.


“Pets are vulnerable in severe heat, and they depend on their caretakers to provide what is needed for them to stay healthy and cool,” said Scott Giacoppo, Vice President, External Affairs & Chief Programs Officer, Washington Humane Society. “When warm weather is uncomfortable for people, it can quickly lead to life-threatening heat exhaustion in pets.”


The Washington Humane Society offers the following tips to keep pets safe during the current heat advisory and upcoming warm summer months:


  1. Keep pets indoors in air-conditioned environments or near fanned areas.
  2. Make sure pets have access to shade and plenty of cool drinking water.
  3. Walk or exercise pets in the early mornings and evenings to minimize exposure to the heat.
  4. Leave pets at home in a controlled-temperature environment whenever possible. Pets are often much safer and more comfortable indoors than in vehicles and at outdoor summer events.
  5. Never leave pets closed in a hot vehicle. It’s the law. And even with the windows cracked, it can heat up to dangerous levels in a matter of minutes.


Signs of over-heating in animals include loud, rapid panting, rapid pulse, glazed eyes, excessive salivation, elevated body temperature, excessive whining or agitation, staring, vomiting and white or bluish gums. Pets can be cooled immediately by placing them in the shade and sponging them with cool water, especially on the head, feet and groin area. If you believe your pet is suffering from heat exhaustion, contact your veterinarian immediately—it could save your pet's life.