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WHS Spay & Neuter Center Announces Expanded Hours | Pets

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WHS Spay & Neuter Center Announces Expanded Hours

This story comes to us from Jacqueline H. Toppings:

Washington D.C. – The Washington Humane Society (WHS) National Capital Area Spay & Neuter Center, a high-quality, low-cost facility located in the heart of Capitol Hill, is announcing new expanded service hours beginning in July. WHS has committed its staff and resources to solving the overwhelming issue of pet overpopulation by offering safe, affordable, high-volume sterilizations in the D.C. metropolitan area to reduce the number of unwanted animals entering our shelters.


Spay and neuter services are provided to the general public in the D.C. area, as well as many regional shelters and rescue groups and area feral cats. Public appointments are required, and will be available Monday through Thursday beginning July 11. The facility also hosts walk-in vaccine clinics, and will add Saturday services to clinic days starting July 16. Pets in need of basic vaccinations, flea and tick treatment, dewormer or microchipping, can be treated every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 11 a .m. to 3 p.m. No appointment is necessary; service is on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Why should I spay or neuter my pet?

  • Pet overpopulation: Thousands of animals are born each year in the D.C. area only to end up at already crowded shelters or abandoned on the streets. Sterilization is the only proven method available to end animal overpopulation.
  • Behavioral benefits: Both male and female dogs and cats make better pets when they have been spayed or neutered. Neutering reduces or eliminates many undesirable behaviors in dogs and cats, such as urine marking, aggression and leg humping. Although any dog has the potential to bite, neutering male dogs may help to prevent serious attacks. Spaying a female dog or cat eliminates the heat cycle and the accompanying restless behavior and urge to roam.
  • Health benefits: Surgical sterilization reduces or eliminates the risk of several serious diseases. For example, spaying a female before her first heat cycle nearly eliminates the risk of mammary tumors and cancer. Neutering a male dog or cat eliminates the risk of testicular cancer.


The National Capital Area Spay & Neuter Center medical team consists of high-quality licensed and accredited veterinarians and dedicated assistants and technicians working to end the cycle of pet overpopulation and homelessness. The cost of every surgery is subsidized by WHS. Feline spay and neuter services begin at $70; Canine services begin at $130. Vaccinations begin at just $10. The clinic is located at 1001 L St., SE, Washington, DC. For more information, visit www.washhumane.org or call 202-88-ALTER (202-882-5837).