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Flash Flooding Causes Problems In Frederick County

FREDERICK, Md. (WUSA) -- Most roads closed by flash flooding that ripped through Frederick County Thursday morning have been reopened.

Thursday afternoon, in Frederick County there was still water all over the place after flash flooding closed as many as 30 roads at one time. Motorists were blinded while driving. In some spots, rain was pounding down more than 3" in an hour.

Even the smallest streams leaped out of their banks and road crews found themselves scrambling to keep up.

South into Northern Virginia, US 15 north of Leesburg was flooded out, stranding motorists.

Back in Frederick County, they called out snow plows to clear the debris from flooded roads and keep the water draining away.

The water stayed high for hours after the morning rain ended. There was a day of detours throughout Frederick County.

What is Your Severe Weather Plan?

What is Your Severe Weather Plan?

With the tornado warnings and severe weather in the area people all over NoVA were on alert yesterday, as well as into today. What is your severe weather plan? Do you have one? Share with us on twitter or below in our commenting section.

We asked some @wusa9 twitter followers and here are some of the responses we got:

@GerriMadalene I do exactly what i'm told NOT to do. I hear "stay away from windows"&i stick my nose right up to them to see what's coming! :)

@GerriMadalene Leesburg! It was CRAZY this morning. But i'm a storm freak, i'd be out chasing tornadoes if i didnt have to work 8-5 :)

@MLG_Gandhi nothing. Weather is wrong majority of the time. Ill take my chances

@carolynofnova Go to basement with beer!

@lynn0202 get down to my basement with my kids & dogs!

SNOW in Leesburg Tonight

It's been more than a month since Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his burrow on Gobbler's Knob and failed to see his shadow. And after back-to-back chilly winters in Northern Virginia, residents were pleased. Presumably, the snow, sleet, and ice were a thing of the past. At least until next winter.

But tonight, with forecasted rain and temperatures hovering above the freezing mark, it snowed in Northern Virigina. Indeed, it seems that signals between Phil and Mother Nature were crossed because NoVA residents experienced snow accumulation, albeit slight, with only two weeks to go until the official start of spring.

Open Burning Restricted in Loudoun County: February 15 - April 30

Open Burning Restricted in Loudoun County: February 15 - April 30

From Loudoun County (VA) --- The Loudoun County Fire Marshal's Office is reminding citizens that open burning is restricted in Loudoun County between February 15 and April 30. The regulations, which prohibit open air fires between the hours of midnight and 4:00 p.m., are enforced by the Virginia Department of Forestry and the Loudoun County Fire Marshal. Known as the 4:00 p.m. law, these restrictions are in place due to the potential for rapid fire spread across woodland and grassland areas that is the result of dry outdoor fuels, high winds and temperature increases that are normally present in the late winter and early spring seasons.

Video Demonstration: How To Make the Perfect Snowball

Much of Northern Virginia is experiencing its first real snow of the season. One-to-three inches are expected in Loudoun County today, and Loudoun County Public Schools closed two hours early.

Not surprisingly, children all over the county have taken to their driveways and neighborhoods for a little snowball making, sledding, and cold weather fun. Leesburg residents, Jake and Morgan Macdonald, thought readers might appreciate a little "how to" instruction for perfect snowballs. As you can see from their video demonstration, they have a handy-dandy gadget that makes the job just a bit easier. If you'd like your own snowball making gadget, click here to purchase one for just $7.99 from Amazon.com.

Tips for Preventing Water Lines from Freezing

Tips for Preventing Water Lines from Freezing

From the Town of Leesburg – With the onset of below-freezing temperatures, the Leesburg Utilities Department offers the following precautions to residents to protect water lines from freezing:

Leesburg Snow Emergency Routes & Snow Removal Policies

Leesburg Snow Emergency Routes & Snow Removal Policies

From the Town of Leesburg – In preparation for the winter weather season, Town officials remind residents and businesses about Town policies for handling snow, sleet, ice and other wintry precipitation.

Snow Emergency Routes.  A snow emergency is declared when two or more inches of snow, sleet or other icy precipitation has accumulated on Town roadways.  When a snow emergency is in effect, all vehicles must be removed from the designated streets.  Any vehicle not removed from the designated streets when a snow emergency is in effect will be towed at the owner’s expense.  Snow emergency routes are: